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on  Hymn Tunes   

          Early American Hymn Tunes  
Four Verses on Amazing Grace (5 pages); Prelude and Fugue on Azmon (4 pages); Quiet Prelude on Land of Rest (2 pages); Fantasy on Morning Song (10 pages); Grand Rondo on Simple Gifts and Bourbon (7 pages; Rondo on  Simple Gifts (5 pages); Orison on Rock of Ages (7 pages); Variations on Wondrous Love (6 pages)   **Will be or is now available as a single issue

         Germanic Hymn Tunes      
Prelude on  Es ist ein Ros (Rosa Mystica)  (4 pages); Declamation on Grosser Gott  (3 pages); Chorale Prelude on Herr Gott, dich loben alle wir (Old 100th)  (2 pages);  Toccata on Lasst uns erfreuen (7 pages); Chorale Fantasy on Lobe den Herren (3 pages); Two Chorale Preludes on Nun danket alle Gott -- Manualiter ( 3 pages), Organo Pleno (6 pages); Chorale Prelude on Schmücke Dich (3 pages); Five Variations and a Postlude on Stuttgart (4 pages)   **Will be or is now available as a single issue

         Hymns for All Seasons
A Baroque Partita on  Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott, Four Variations (16 pages): 1. Andante; 2. Largo; 3. Poco adagio; 4. Adagio; Processional on Kremser (en Rondeau) (3 pages); Epilogue on Picardy (5 pages); Intermezzo on Sicilian Mariners (6 pages); Seven Variations on a Noel** [A la venue de Noel]  (9 pages)   **Available as a single issue

      Hymn Tunes from the British Isles, Volume 1  
Prelude on Brother James' Air (2 pages); Trio on Bryn Calfaria (3 pages); Rondo on Cwm Rhondda and Ton-y-Botel (3 pages);  Postlude on Duke Street (3 pages); Prelude on Greensleeves (3 pages); Prelude on Nicaea (3 pages); Carillon-Toccata on St. Anne** (10 pages); Four Verses on St. Columba (4 pages); Rondo on St. Patrick and Deirdre (4 pages)    **Available as a single issue

         Hymn Tunes from the British Isles, Volume 2  
Invention on Aberystwyth (4 pages); Postlude on Bunessan (4 pages); Three Canons and a Lilt on Danby (5 pages); Fantasy on Down Ampney** (7 pages);  Paraphrase on God Rest You Merry (5 pages); Chorale Prelude on Llangloffan (cantus firmus in Pedal) (5 pages);  Prelude on Slane (4 pages)   **Will be or is now available as a single issue

          Plainchant Hymn Tunes     
on Adoro Te Devote (2 pages);  Prelude on Adoro Te Devote (4 pages);  Fantaisie on Conditor Alme Siderum (5 pages); Prelude et Choral fugue on Conditor Alme Siderum** (6 pages); Preambule on Divinum Mysterium (2 pages); Prelude en canon on Divinum Mysterium (3 pages); Acclamation on Pange Lingua Gloriosi (2 pages); Improvisation on Pange Lingua (3 pages); Danse for Flute Stops on Ubi Caritas (4 pages); Variations on Veni Creator Spiritus Prologue, Five Variations, and Finale (19 pages);  Oraison on Veni, Emmanuel (4 pages)   **Available as a single issue

                                                 ~~ Free Harmonizations of Familiar Hymn Tunes ~~
Volume 1   40  Free Harmonizations of  24  Familiar Hymn Tunes
[Aberystwyth  to  Kremser]      
(34 pages)
2   39  Free Harmonizations of  26  Familiar Hymn Tunes
 [Land of Rest  to  Woodbird]   
(36 pages)

FourVariations on  Ein Feste Burg
           A Chorale Partita for Organ  (18 pages of music)

Variations on 
Veni Creator Spiritus
(19 pages) 
, Five Variations, and Finale

Individual Keyboard Compositions

An English Suite  for Keyboard(s)   (4 pages)  [with optional organ pedal]
              1.  Promenade
              2.  Dance                     
              3.  Interlude
              4.  Promenade

Prelude and Fugue  in C Minor
for Clavier  (6 pages)  [with optional cadential organ pedal notes]

Transcriptions and Editions

Johann Sebastian Bach -- Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in D Minor, S. 903   (17 pages)
Transcription and realization as an organ solo

Johann Sebastian Bach --
Fantasia & Fugue in C Minor,  S. 562   (5 & 7 pages of music respectively)
Fantasia renotated, fugue fragment presented with completion, offered in 2 separate 12-page booklets)

Johann Sebastian Bach  --  Sinfonia
Cantata No. 29   (10 pages)
                 "Wir danken dir, Gott, wir danken dir"
Transcription as an Organ Solo

Johann Sebastian Bach  -- A Bach Birthday Album Three Cantata Movements, an Aria, and a Cadenza
                    from S. 79, 208, & 248, 508, and 582  (12 pages)

 Arrangements for Organ Solo

Johannes Brahms  --  "How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings"    (7 pages)
                 ("Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen"), 
Chorus from  A German Requiem, Op. 45
Revised Accompaniment for Organ   [no text]

François Couperin -- Passacaille,
  from Pieces de Clavecin, Huitieme Ordre   (8 pages)
                  Arrangement as an Organ Solo

(Henry) Walford Davies -- Solemn Melody  
for organ solo   (3 pages)
                  A new edition, transcribed from the original composition for strings and organ
                                                [Available in N.A. only]

Gabriel Fauré  --  Requiem 
in D Minor, Op. 48   (32 pages)
                 Organ reduction from full score  (for accompaniment, no texts included;
                 in 3-stave format, with detailed performance notations)
                        I. Introit and Kyre; II. Offertoire; III. Sanctus; IV. Pie Jesu;
                       V. Agnus Dei; VI. Libera Me; VII. In Paradisum
[Available in N.A. only]

Johann Kaspar Ferdinand Fischer -- Praeludium VIII  ~  from Blümen - Büchlein, Opus II   (9 pages)
and Chaconne,  Arrangement as an Organ Solo

César Franck --
Interlude Symphonique  from Rédemption   (18 pages)
               An arrangement for organ solo of the symphonic poem1874 version)
[Available in N.A. only]        

Cesar Franck  --  Sept Pièces 
in C Major and C Minor   (12 pages)
(from  L'Organiste)  Arrangement for Grand Orgue  [3-stave format with pedal]
                                1.      Poco allegretto
                                2.      Andantino
                                3.      Poco lento
                                4.      Maestoso
                                5.      Poco lento
                                6.      Poco allegro
                                            -- Moderato  (Amen)
                                7.      Andantino     (Offertoire)
[Available in N.A. only]

George Frideric Handel   --  Hallelujah Chorus

Organ reduction from The Messiah   (5 pages)
             (for accompaniment: organ score only, no text included)

George Frideric Handel -- Organ Concerto in B-Flat Major, Op. 4, No. 6   (9 pages)
                (Transcription for organ solo)
                               I.       Andante allegro
                              II.       Larghetto
                             III.      Allegro moderato

Johann Pachelbel  -- Partita on "Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan(9 pages)
                Chorale and Seven Variations  (Legal sized landscape layout, spiral binding)

Antonio Vivaldi  --  Concerto 
for 2 Lutes and Basso Continuo
in D Major  [RV 93]   (6 pages)
Transcription for organ solo)
                              I.        Allegro
                             II.        Largo
                            III.       Allegro

.A Baroque Sampler
Transcriptions, Arrangements and Editions for Organ  (in Five Volumes)

              Foreword    [with Tables of Contents and general notes]

Vol. 1      (37 pages of music)
Johann Sebastian Bach
Vol. II     (39 pages of music)
George Frideric Handel

              Vol. III    (40 pages of music)
from The Continent and The British Isles  [Cabanilles to Couperin]
Vol. IV    (38 pages of music)
from The Continent and The British Isles  [D'Aquin to Raison]
              Vol. V     (41 pages of music)
from The Continent and The British Isles   [Purcell  to Vivaldi]