Johannes Brahms
How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings 
 ("Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen")
A German Requiem,  Op. 45

Revised Accompaniment for Organ
(7 pages)


         Brahms’ German Requiem is certainly one of the most sublime choral works of its genre. Composed originally for four-part choir, soprano and baritone solos, and full orchestra with harp and organ, a traditional concert presentation of the Requiem  often includes a  substantial  performing  ensemble.

        The  chorus, "How lovely is thy dwelling place," has become a  staple of classical choral repertoire. Its lyricism and bold contrasts of mood combine to produce a dramatic arch form.  From its first measure onward – launched by the outline of a dominant seventh chord –  "How lovely" spins its way forward through exquisite lyricisms and into dramatic choral declamations, returning eventually to its opening lyricisms and a serene ending.  One can easily understand why this one movement has been so universally exerpted for performance in choral concerts and sacred observances.

        The present accompanimental arrangement offers dynamic markings throughout, indicating terraced levels of  timbres  and  intensity,  placed  in  combination  with  corner  brackets to denote (optional)  manual  changes.

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