Prelude and Fugue
in  C-Minor  for  Clavier  
[Piano, harpsichord, clavichord, etc.]
(6 pages of music)      


        Prelude and Fugue in C-minor takes on the form and manner of a latter Baroque ever-evolving keyboard genre, that of a prelude and fugue sharing the same tonic key. It was inspired by the tradition of Johann Sebastian Bach's two volumes of the Well Tempered Clavier and adheres to some of the models, structures and traits found therein, and elsewhere.

        The prelude – actually more of a multi-sectional French overture – alternates between stately ornamented chordal progressions and contrastingly animated sections in light contrapuntal imitation (creating an ABAʹBʹA rondeau). The fugue is traditionally crafted, with subject and counter-subject, presented in an expressively chromatic harmonic language, and it is elegiac in nature. In keeping with Baroque tradition, few interpretive instructions or markings have been added.

           Johann Sebastian Bach's birth date is traditionally given as March 21, 1685, but the date recorded in Eisenach was prior to adoption of the new Gregorian Calendar, thus placing the corrected date as March 31. His 335th birthday anniversary is being acknowledged by Fruhauf Music Publications with the issue of a complimentary online PDF booklet file. This publication is a uniquely appropriate salute to Bach’s priceless legacy as a composer – and as a teacher – in that his music continues to offer ongoing guidance, inspiration, instruction and emulation by future generations.  N.B. The fugue dates from student years, but the prelude is a 21st-century addition.

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Published in April, 2020
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