A Whispered Prayer

A  Four Verse Hymn
 for Unison Voices and  Organ Accompaniment
Text  and  Music: Ennis Fruhauf


        A Whispered Prayer sings of the healing powers of the Creator as manifested in daily life by the forces of nature and spirit.  The text portrays elements of strife and resolution, storm and appeasement, as both being integral parts of the workings of an invisible and omnipresent Spirit.

        An organist's score offers the hymn text and tune (for unison voices), with an organ accompaniment; the first three verses are sung in sequence, followed by a brief organ interlude, and the fourth verse sung in unison with an organ descant and free harmonization.

        The attached PDF booklet file includes a title page, a blank fill page, Notes, four pages of music, and a back cover. The file is coded to allow high quality printing, as well as the option to delete, rotate or rearrange pages as desired for automated print-and-bind copy machines. For practical purposes, printing pages 2-3 on one side of an 11x17 sheet and pages 4-5 on the back side will provide a convenient folded letter-sized document.


A Whispered Prayer
for Choir & Organ
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Publication date: May 2019, rev. 08/15/19