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Bulletin Board 2021-22

Complimentary PDF Booklet Downloads:
  FMP will offer a new year of gratis publications
for organ, for choir and organ, and for carillon in the course of 2021-22.  Please consult the
listings below and follow the appropriate links to access letter-sized PDF booklet files as they are
posted in the coming months. As a reminder, gratis offerings from previous years have been
assembled and are all itemized now on the Downloads  page for convenient access.

→     Titles and listings for September through August 2022     ←

Beginning in September:
a 4-verse setting of  Simple Gifts ~ for Carillon (or keyboards)
And for October:  
Variations on Veni Creator Spiritus ~ for Organ
For November, something for Thanksgiving: 
Four Verses on Amazing Grace ~ a setting for Organ
And for December's Holiday season:  a traditional German Christmas Carol and Hymn:
Prelude & Fugue on Vom Himmel Hoch ~ in a setting for Carillon (or keyboards)
And welcoming in January and the New Year with:
 Orison on Rock of Ages ~ a setting for Organ
For February, a 3-verse hymn for unison voices & organ:  Sing the Waters Ever Flowing
and also in February, and on a more somber note ~ for Carillon (or keyboards)
Three Verses on Aus Tiefer Not  ~ the third of a triptych of Luther hymn tune settings
Featured as a March spingtime celebration: 
Variations on Wondrous Love ~ for Organ
With more monthly offerings to continue through August 2022, and upcoming in April  ←
A Bach Birthday Album
 ~ three organ arrangements from cantatas, an aria, and a cadenza
For FMP's May posting, a reissue of a 1991 Concordia publication,
 Featuring a hymn Tune by Ralph Vaughan Williams: Fantasy on Down Ampney for Organ
And in June,  a Handel  Concerto for Organ (or Harp) & Strings ~ arr. for Organ
Coming up in July:  settings of  Three Traditional Anthem Tunes ~ for Carillon (or keyboards)
→   Concluding the 2021-22 season's offerings, with 2022-23 in the planning stages   ←

 In August Vivaldi's 
Concerto for Lute & Strings  (RV 93) ~ is featured, arr. for Organ
.. . . and a new addition for June 2022: a returning event after a two year pause:
 I Madonnari  2022:  Santa Barbara Mission's Street Art Chalk Drawing Festival

                                                 General Information
Authorship and Editing
   ◊  Fruhauf Music Publications offers a wide variety of arrangements, transcriptions, settings and compositions. The origins of source hymn tunes and historical transcriptions are credited to original composers and cited in accompanying Notes. All transcriptions, arrangements and/or compositions have been and are edited, prepared and assembled by Ennis Fruhauf, as is the ongoing design and upkeep of www.frumuspub.net.
Format   All keyboard music scores are available  in 8 1/2 x 11" PDF booklet format.
Questions, Special Requests, Contact Information 
For questions about Fruhauf Music Publications:
by pre-addressed Email to: eafruhauf@aol.com
                         by USPS mailing address:  P.O. Box 22043, Santa Barbara, CA  93121-2043
by phone:  M-F 8-1 p.m. [PDT]  (805) 898-7976 or leave message with return phone number or contact
Copyright Notices  Please note that editions offered by Fruhauf Music Publications are copyrighted materials, and that rights are reserved. To access the U.S.Copyright Register, visit: www.loc.gov/copyright. Also, please address questions regarding permissions, releases or copyright issues to Ennis Fruhauf (contact addresses listed above).
N.B.  FMP apologizes in advance for any incursions into protected domains and/or copyrights: upon notification and reasonable request, any posted entry can and/or will be amended or removed. Again, please consult the contact addresses listed above.
N.B. 2  As of this date, Fruhauf Music Publications has discontinued its categorized price listings and availabilities. If individual scores are requested and require no major revisions, or if they can be added to an ongoing wish list, please address inquiries to FMP (see above).                                                                                               

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